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Make Sure Your Finances Are Handled By Someone You Trust

It is important to be able to rely on someone if you become unable to handle your financial affairs due to illness or other incapacitation. By considering the establishment of a power of attorney arrangement, you can designate a person to act on your behalf if you are unable — either temporarily or permanently — to manage your affairs yourself.

At Fischler, Friedman, & Bennett, P.A., we work with clients in Florida who want to ensure that they will have a reliable, dependable person to attend to their financial matters. Our attorneys have several decades of legal experience, and in addition, attorney Howard S. Friedman has a finance degree, while attorney Michael A. Fischler has an MBA degree. We can confidently guide you through the process of establishing a power of attorney and the estate planning process.

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One of the advantages of naming a power of attorney in advance is that if and when the time comes that one is needed, there is no doubt as to your wishes or intentions. Family members do not have to decide — or sometimes argue — about who is best suited to take this role. Having an arrangement in place can also serve to guard against an outside caregiver or acquaintance from exerting undue influence on a vulnerable elderly person and reaping any financial benefits for themselves.

Depending on your circumstances, you might choose to set up a durable power of attorney arrangement or a nondurable one. As the name suggests, a durable power of attorney stays in effect even if you recover from your incapacitation — you do not have to establish a new arrangement should you require it again.

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