Property Division

Property division presents extremely complex issues in the wake of divorce. Florida is an equitable distribution state. In practice, this means that the law stipulates that marital assets should be fairly divided — not necessarily equally. This means that all property obtained over the course of the marriage will be divided based on various factors, including:

  • The contribution to the marriage by each spouse, including contributions to the care and education of the children and services as a homemaker
  • The economic circumstances of the parties
  • The duration of the marriage
  • Any interruption of personal careers or educational opportunities of either party

Certain assets that were gifts or inheritances are considered nonmarital assets and are not considered divisible. That said, the situation can get immensely complex when there are marital components (added) to nonmarital assets. The laws in Florida have recently changed, making commingling issues immensely complicated. This is particularly the case with high-asset property division issues and those involving business owners.

If you are working through property division issues, it is important to partner with family and divorce law lawyers who fuse experience with a commitment to hands-on client service.

Each of our attorneys at Fischler & Friedman, P.A., has more than a quarter century of experience. Additionally, Michael A. Fischler's MBA and Howard S. Friedman's finance degree give our lawyers comprehensive knowledge of business and financial complexities that arise in property division cases, especially when dealing with High Net Worth Divorce .

We are prepared to reach out to forensic professionals and other experts who can fully trace and value all assets. From there, we will build the strongest possible case to protect your financial interests.

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